One in ten women think that saving is sexy!

Good news for those who take the coupon to the first date for the first date. In fact, 1 in 10 women will find it extremely sexy if a man tries to save that way. In addition, the vast majority, even if they are not thrilled, consider it permissible for a man to pay attention to his expenses.

Exactly 87 percent of people think it’s not cool to use coupons or to invite someone for a special dinner. Although the research is American, it can also encourage men at home to finally invite the lady of their hearts. However, research has also shown that, with higher incomes, more people find it normal to try to save on meetings.Most invite girls to dinner, but many also vote for cinema and leisure activities. 


Coupon offers can also be good ideas if you can handle the usual queuing and minor inconvenience. It is advisable to approach these situations with good humor, treating each problem as an opportunity to get to know the other.

Ask for water instead of expensive mineral water or soft drinks. Few people know, but most restaurants are happy to serve water for free, and even in more normal places, there is a ring of lemon and ice to make the guest feel better. It is unnecessary to ask for expensive mineral water when the good old tap water is there.

We are now trying to give you savings tips for these programs.

We are now trying to give you savings tips for these programs.

Tipping 10% is enough, if the service was very good and you even got your free water without a wry look, a little more. Anyway, women are not impressed if he leaves too much money on the table. They just think that you probably waste a lot of time. It is a pretty advanced line to have two of you call the pick lady right away – as shown in this stock photo.

It’s best to try a home theater.


Not only will this save you a movie ticket, but snacks and refreshments will come out cheaper. Not to mention it’s easier to talk like that.

Don’t be ashamed to take out your coupon at the cinema, for example, for Vodafone customers, the cinema is cheaper on Tuesdays, so schedule it.

By default, this kind of program means a lot to your wallet, as it can be much cheaper than any movie theater or dinner. But even here you can save! For example, if you bring a half liter of mineral water with you. On a hot summer day, it will be a good idea for you to stroll around the castle where you will sell your glass for $ 500.

Use a credit card to save money at any time, as your purchases will be refunded. However, it is important to pay off your debt on time, not to spend more than you are allowed to, and never to withdraw cash. By following these simple rules, you can save yourself thousands of dollars a month.