Loans for driving licenses – About loan of money for driving licenses

About 88% of all adult Danes have driving licenses. It does not mean that you also need to take a driving license, but the question is whether you can do without it? At least there are several advantages to being a driving license holder. With a driving license and a related car, you get tremendous freedom as you can drive around country and rich without being dependent on buses, trains, etc.

Since 1 January 2017, it has been possible to take a driving license already as a 17-year-old. However, there is still a trial system that will continue for a few years yet. As a 17-year-old with a driving license, you have to drive a car with an experienced driver. You are therefore dependent on having a mother, father or older sibling who will jump on the passenger seat every time you have to drive from one place to another. You can read all about the experimental scheme on this link .

What does a driver’s license cost?

The price of a driving license depends on many factors, including the municipality, the number of extra driving lessons, etc. The vast majority of driving teachers charge somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 for the mandatory package of legislation. The legislative package currently contains the following:

  • 29 lessons theory lessons
  • 4 driving lessons on maneuvering track
  • 16 driving lessons on the road (both city driving, road transport and motorway driving)
  • 4 driving lessons on driving technical plant (smooth course)

Wherever you choose to take your driving license, you must go through the above.

Most upcoming motorists can settle for the law package, but there are also some who need extra driving lessons and several hours of theoretical instruction. Extra driving lessons usually cost around 450-550 DKK. This amount can then be multiplied by the number of hours you need. The driving license can thus easily cost up to DKK 20,000. However, there are also some driving instructors who offer extra driving lessons at no extra charge.

If you are looking for driving license prices, you will find that the price of a driving license varies considerably from municipality to municipality and from driving instructor to driving instructor. Therefore, it is a great idea to compare prices so that you get an insight into the price level of the driving instructors. However, one should not focus solely on the price when choosing a driving instructor. The cheap driving license can be really expensive if the driving instructor is not adept at learning.

Be aware of extra costs

In the previous section you were introduced to what the law package contains. Here one could well believe that the price of the package was the total price for the license, but that is unfortunately rare. There may be some additional costs that may have some impact on your finances. Among the most common extras you will find:

  • Medical certificate
  • theory book
  • First aid
  • sample fee
  • Extra lessons (driving and theory)

When calculating your driving license costs, you need to include the above expenses so you won’t be negatively surprised at a later date. It is alpha and omega that money is put off for extra lessons, as extra lessons can be crucial for you to pass the driving test and thus get the desired driving license. It is expensive to dump a driving test, as you both have to pay for extra lessons, loan from car etc. For the following reason you should wait for the driving test, until you feel completely ready.
Financing of driving licenses – what opportunities are there?

There are many ways to finance a driving license.

Many young people are so privileged that they have some sweet parents who pay the cost of their driving license as a reward for not surrendering to tobacco smoking. However, it is far from anyone who is so well-off, so it may be necessary to look at alternative funding options. Luckily, there is help for those who do not receive your driving license from your parents.

Below we list the most favorable financing options:

  • Record a loan
  • Take a driving license on the installment
  • Create a savings

If you do not have DKK 10-15,000 for a driving license, you can either take out a loan, agree to a repayment scheme or create a savings. The most favorable option is undoubtedly the latter – to save. For some people, it can take many years to save so much money, but it is undoubtedly the best and cheapest way to fund its purchases. However, you may not be willing to wait several years to acquire a driving license.

Loans for driving licenses – four simple steps

You make a terrible mistake if you think it is expensive and difficult to borrow money for a driving license. It is surprisingly easy – thanks to the Internet. For example, you can record a consumer loan or payday loan online, depending on the amount of money you are missing.

Loans for driving licenses take place online with four simple steps, which we will discuss in more detail below:

  1. Request a quote from one or more driving instructors (so you know your expenses)
  2. Send a number of loan applications to popular loan providers (with desired loan amount)
  3. Choose the best loan offer
  4. Receive money within one day (and transfer the money to the selected driving instructor)

There are several good reasons to borrow money online. One of the great advantages is that you will not be asked what the money will be used for. You can then spend the money on anything. It could be a driving license, but it could easily be a new sofa, bike or tool shed. It is completely optional.

How much can you borrow for your driving license?

With a consumer loan you will in principle be able to borrow up to 450,000 DKK. However, it is no secret that you obviously do not need so much money to finance a driving license.

Of course, how much money you need to borrow depends on what the license costs and how much you can throw into the pot. Maybe you have saved 50% up, so you can only record a small loan. The less money you have to borrow, the cheaper it will be for you to finance the license, as it is, as you know, not quite cheap to borrow.

With a loan of DKK 15,000, there should be plenty of money for both the legal package, the first aid course and the other expenses associated with taking a driving license. If the loan does not extend to the driving license, you can. Include an additional loan. Consumer loans and quick loans are the most favorable types of loans when it comes to small loans for financing driving licenses and other small investments. A quick loan in the form of a consumer loan or a quick loan need not be an expensive pleasure if you spend time comparing loan rates.

Put a budget

It may seem a little exaggerated to put a budget simply because you have to take a driving license, but it can actually be very sensible. It is not beneficial to start driving licenses until you have examined whether you can actually afford it. If you set a budget, you can get an accurate answer to how much money you have the opportunity to withdraw each month. Wait to apply for a loan before you have put a budget so that you do not burn your fingers and come into financial difficulties.

Financing of driving licenses and RKI

Loans despite the RKI can in very rare cases be possible, but it is seldom something that one is recommended to practice, as it is typically extremely expensive. The loan providers charge very high interest rates and fees from bad payers, as these people have previously shown that they cannot comply with a credit agreement. You can. borrow from friends or family if you are in the register.