Facilitations of the loan with the Law

Image result for loanTax concessions in sight for the current 2018 thanks to the provisions contained in the Law 104/92 for dependent family disabled : the updated tax legislation provides a series of benefits that have a precise articulation regarding the type, rules and methods of request.

Home loan loan , new car purchase used with discounted VAT, 19% auto tax exemption stamp, removal of architectural barriers, personal assistance and medical expenses: here are the tax benefits and the most popular and accessible benefits for people with disabilities and family caregivers .

Home Loan Mortgage: Facilitations with Law 104/92

An achievable and advantageous opportunity for the disabled family members is offered by Mutuo Plafond Casa , a valid solution made available by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Cdp), through an agreement signed with the Italian Banking Association (ABI) for the disbursement of mortgages secured by mortgages to natural persons for the purchase of residential properties and / or for renovations with increased energy efficiency.

Soft loan Law 104/1992: requirements

Image result for loanWhat are the requirements to benefit from the Mutuo Plafond Casa? All the families of which at least one disabled person is a member , but also the young couples and large families, can present the request to benefit from the loan facilitation with Law 104/92. The request must be requested directly from the banking institutions belonging to the Agreement signed between ABI and Cdp.

Home Loan Mortgage: Amounts and Duration

How much can be requested? The amount of the subsidized loan Law 104/1992 can go up to a maximum ceiling of 100,000 euros for restructuring measures with increasing energy efficiency.

For the purchase of residential properties, the amount disbursed can reach € 250,000 and for joint purchases and renovations with an increase in energy efficiency on the same building it can reach € 350,000 .

As regards the duration of the loan agreement, Plafond Casa provides a 10-year time frame for renovations with an increase in energy efficiency, 20 and 30 years for the purchase of real estate with or without restructuring.

Where is the preferential loan Law 104 required?

There are several banks belonging to the Cdp-ABI Convention; to avoid surprises, however, the credit counselors of Auxilia Finance are at your disposal to offer you the best offers, possible thanks to specific agreements that we are able to offer today. Contact us.