Facilitated loans for damages caused by bad weather and seismic events

More and more frequently we are witnessing on our territory serious natural disasters and damage caused by bad weather: from the wind, rain and snow, to floods, to the most significant seismic events that recently devastated central Italy. Because of the difficult situation, facilitations have been provided to somehow favor those who have been affected by adversity, helping individuals and businesses to rebuild and restore normal work activities.

In recent years, some of the most authoritative banks have evaluated the possibility of supporting their customers with specific loans at extremely favorable terms , granted with much faster procedures, thanks to the possibility, in some cases guaranteed, of self-certification of the entity damage immediately.

Not only the restructuring of one’s main or secondary house can be financed: for companies, there is also a need to evaluate the restoration of production capacity or the coverage of damages suffered by semi-finished products, plants and infrastructures, for all production sectors. In this way, all the most evident critical issues can therefore be resolved with rapid and less burdensome resolutive interventions. In support of companies affected by earthquakes, the Government measures provide for tax credit for economic entities based in the affected municipalities, and subsidized loans guaranteed by the State.

Regarding the earthquake in Central Italy, the list of banks that have joined the ConventionPlafond Sisma Central Italy ” is constantly updated on the website of the ABI Banking Association. These banks will be able to provide subsidized loans for the reconstruction of the territories hit by the disasters, as required by Decree Law 189/2016. Applications for contributions can be sent by qualified professionals in possession of a digital signature on the MUDE platform. Some banks have also guaranteed the availability to support all populations affected by disasters occurring from 2013, thus contemplating other antecedent earthquake disasters.

The site of ‘ Assistance Sisma 2016 is able to provide all the information useful to those who need to know, in detail, the possibilities of use of contributions or facilitations. Want to know more details about the topic? Contact the Auxiliafinance experts.