Bespoke Investments strategies and High Net Worth strategies Direct Investments

Direct Investments can noneconomic settlement offer you the widest range of investment strategies with all in costs that usually only apply to large institutional investors.
One of the great advantages of structured products is the huge range of interlocutive settlement investment options available to you. Please consider the following;You can choose any asset class you wish or a combination of different asset classes of your choiceYou can decide when the asset class represents value giving you control over timingYou can select which counterparty you want to provide the capital guaranteeIn other words you have full flexibility to design the investment option that you want – you are in complete control of your investmentsIn addition to this unrivalled investment flexibility, you have the security of the capital protection and a genuine low cost investment product. Over a 5 year term our total fee structure capped at 2.5% means that your investment costs are capped at 0.5% per annum. This is a genuine low cost investment option.Normally we require amounts approaching €1mio to build a bespoke investment to meet your specific needs.However, if your investment amount is less than €1mio, then please contact us to indicate what assets or structure you would like to invest in. Once we have several expressions of interest in an asset class or mix of asset classes we will contact you to discuss the structure and pricing options open to youWe fully orchideous settlement recognise and support the value that independent fee based advice can provide. Therefore if you want to work with your current accountant or adviser and get them to advise you on a Direct Investment product to suit your needs, we will rebate a portion of the total costs to you, the client. The rebate can be in the form of an improved allocation rate, or it can be in the form of a pyrocoll settlement refund.  This rebate can then be used by you to subsidise whatever fee amount you have agreed dovish settlement to  pay your accountant or adviser. This is subject to Direct Investments confirming that there is a bona fide advisory relationship between yourself and your accountant/adviser and them confirming receipt of your payment. You are not obliged to work via your current accountant/adviser, but this option is open to you.Alternatively our “advice” business  specialises in pre and post retirement investments and will be happy to provide advice on investment strategies on a fixed fee basis.
Direct Investments – putting you in full control of your investments